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Mission and Functions

Based on Law No. 10 433, dated 16.6.2011 “For inspection in the Republic of Albania” Central Inspectorate was established as a central public institution, subordinated to the Prime Minister.

Central Inspectorate has the mission of improving the effectiveness and accountability of inspection activities in the Republic of Albania.

The Central Inspectorate has these functions:

a)  Coordinates and supports the activities of state and local inspectorates.
b) gives it advisory opinion of the inspection programs elaborated by state inspectorates;
c) Adopts general rules, according to the methodology of risk assessment, scheduling inspections, documentation of inspection activities, and reporting the activities of inspectorates.
d) adopt rules for the general indicators of effectiveness and quality of the inspection activity, and their evaluation criteria;
e) provides legal opinions on any initiative and legislation in the field of inspection
f) Oversees the implementation of this law and of the special law by the state inspectors, regarding the programming, authorization and conducting the inspection activity and has the right to propose disciplinary action against inspectors and State Chief Inspector, in case of breaches of these last;
g) Prepares general annual report of inspections and submits it for recognition to the Council of Ministers;
h) coordinates training of activities and qualification of inspectors;
i) adopts  specific requirements for the education of inspectors in the state and local inspectorates;
j) performs initial and periodic testing of inspectors;
k) Creates and maintains a unique inspection portal that serves for the programming and coordination of inspections, exchange of the necessary data through different inspectorates, also for keeping the public informed.
l) Keeps and updated list of inspectors on duty for every local and state inspectors and publishes it in official website.
To accomplish its functions, the Central Inspectorate has the right to require all the information necessary for the operation of state inspectorates to inspect the records of inspection, and any other document related to the programming of performing the inspection of administrative proceedings. Central Inspectorate does not affect the development of appropriate decision-making procedure of a specific case.

Detailed procedures for exercising the powers of the Central Inspectorate are approved by the Council of Ministers.