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About institution

One of the main duties of the state is to guarantee the implementation of mandatory rules in the daily activity of businesses and individuals. These rules relate to national security, fair competition, fiscal discipline, etc. For this purpose in a democratic state of law established and operate the inspection body as an organizational form of the central and local bodies which monitor, inspect and prosecute appropriate cases when the rules required by businesses or individuals.

Traditionally, inspection is seen as punishment ex-post function, long-standing trend has been the prevention of risks and damages. In fact, between these two features has been a dynamic report that favoured more the punishment than the prevention nature.

Also, the need for a more efficient use of limited resources requires that the inspection function is performed with such flexibility with minimum effort to achieve maximum effects. On the other hand, in practice, mostly, the inspection function is performed far from being efficient. Inspections and rules on which they are performed have shown the tend